Preserving your wealth

Your family and loved ones are the centre of your world, so it’s important to ensure they’re taken care of even after you’re gone. With a proper financial plan in place, you can take the required steps to pass your wealth on to future generations in the right way.

Securing for future generations

We would all like to be able to leave a legacy, ensuring our hard-earned wealth is preserved for generations to come. But effectively planning your estate can be complex and is best done with the help of a specialist. That’s where we come in.

We can work with your family (and your other professional advisers) to build a plan that ensures your money is safeguarded for the future, while still allowing you to enjoy life to the full now.

You might be asking…

How do I understand more about the rules of IHT?

We’ve got an in-depth understanding of Inheritance Tax (IHT), and we can explain the rules to you in a way that’s clear and free from jargon.

Can I minimise the amount of IHT I pay on my estate?

Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to reduce the amount of IHT you pay, and our financial experts can help you take advantage of any potential opportunities.

How do I ensure my wealth goes to the people I want?

Our financial planners can talk you through the options available for making sure your wealth is passed on to family and loved ones according to your wishes.

Can I ensure my family will be provided for once I’m gone?

Some of the ways to ensure your loved ones are provided for include making a Will and putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney, which our experts can help with.

Should I think about making gifts?

Gifts can be a useful way of passing down your wealth, but there are several rules and thresholds that apply, so you’re advised to speak to an expert before taking any action.

What can I do to get peace of mind?

Our financial planners will listen carefully to your circumstances, clearly explain your options, and give you the reassurance that your wishes will be taken care of.

How we’ll help

We work with our clients to create a tailored financial strategy around their needs and goals. We offer high quality, technical advice that can cover:

Intergenerational planning

Our advice takes your whole family into account, enabling everyone to feed into the plan and make collective decisions.

Inheritance Tax planning

With an effective IHT strategy, you can avoid unnecessary tax burdens, ensuring more of your wealth goes to your loved ones.

Wills and trusts

Working alongside our in-house solicitors, we can advise you on the best ways to set up your wills and trusts in order to preserve your assets.

Overall peace of mind

We aim to provide you with the reassurance you need to live and enjoy life now, safe in the knowledge that your estate is protected for years to come.

Inheritance tax and Trusts planning is not regulated by the financial conduct authority.

Will writing is not part of the Quilter Financial Planning offering and is offered in our own right. Quilter Financial Planning accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business.

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Mr S

Throughout the whole complicated process of amalgamating and advising us on our numerous pension funds, we have found them to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and sincere. While helping us they demonstrated that nothing was too much trouble.

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Mr I